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 Dead Or Alive 5 PS3


  • Team Fight Mode - can take up to 7 players in 1 team.

  • Power launcher - to launch the opponent in the air and then end with a combo.

  • Tutorial mode - with numerous lessons & missions.

  • Move details info - get details of every combo and special moves.

  • Survival mode - collect items to gain rewards.

  • Extra content - long list of music and movies.

  • All previous costume DLC of Dead or Alive 5 for free.


Published by Tecmo Koei with a PEGI rating of 16, the game involves two players or more, fighting each other in simulated hand-to-hand combat scenarios. You can even rope in a few friends and have team battles to see who the best fighter is. Up to 7 players can form one team. The game comes with Power Launcher modes, where players can execute combos for more points. The game comes with a Single Player campaign mode as well as amultiplayer modewhere you can play against friends or in co-op modes.

You can always engage the tutorial mode in the game to learn all the moves and blocks in order to prepare yourself and take on the computer opponents. This will also form good practice sessions for grueling multiplayer matches with friends. An innovative level is the Survival mode in the game, where you will need to face waves of enemies until you fall. This will help you gauge your skill level and give an understanding of all your strengths and weaknesses. Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate comes with a whole new set of tracks and cinematic cut scenes. Apart from this, you get a detailed list of all the special moves and combo attacks which will help in memorizing the moves and giving you an edge. The game is designed for the PS3†and will surely make a great addition to your game collection.