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 Bloodborne PS4


  • Fear guides you to salvation in Bloodborne, only on the PlayStation 4.

  • Explore the city of Yharnham, where danger lurks behind every corner.

  • Arm yourself with a powerful shotgun and a scythe-like weapon to defeat a slew of nightmarish enemies.

  • Experience truly unpredictable gameplay with constantly changing environments and enemies.


From the creators of the brutal and unforgiving Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, From Software, comes Bloodborne, an all-new action RPG brimming with unrelenting terror. Journey to Yharnham, a fictional gothic 19th century city that encourages you to explore and unravel a universe laden with mystery. Face your fears as you battle nightmarish creatures and malformed beasts in order to understand the secrets and mysteries of Yharnham.

Combat in Bloodborne will be a heady mix of intense life-threatening battles with deep strategic elements and fast paced offensive combat styles. Armed with a scythe-like weapon in your right hand and a devastating shotgun in your left you'll be equipped to eliminate the nightmarish enemies Bloodborne presents, but be careful or you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed. Experience unpredictable elements that truly challenge you as the environment and enemies move in unexpected ways. Show compassion and aid other travellers or leave them to their fate, the choice is yours and may be one to come to regret.